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Migraine Headaches in Children and Teens – Advice and Recommendations

Via Joanne Prinzhorn, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Challenge Children’s Medical institution

The criticism of a headache is the commonest neurologic symptom encountered in a pediatric observe. Subsequently, it’s important for fogeys to grasp elementary steps to assist with this downside.

On the onset of a headache:

  • Give your kid prescription headache medicine if prescribed or give over the counter medicine on the onset of the pinnacle ache
  • Inspire your kid to increase their fluid consumption, together with water, sports activities drink or any beverage with out caffeine or aspartame
  • When house, have your kid leisure in a groovy, darkish, quiet room, encouraging your kid to calm down, last his or her eyes, with hopes of falling asleep
  • Do away with tv, cell phone, video video games and tune all over this time
  • Observe a groovy compress to their brow
  • Massaging your kid’s neck and shoulders provides to their rest
  • When wakeful, inspire meals or snacks with protein to incorporate meat, cheese, nuts or eggs

To forestall complications from happening:

  • Building up your kid’s fluid consumption on a daily basis, keeping off drinks with caffeine and aspartame
  • Be certain your kid does no longer skip a meal and make certain they consume protein with each meal to incorporate meat, cheese, nuts or eggs
  • To find wholesome tactics to control tension that incorporates day-to-day workout and rest tactics
  • Deal with a standard bedtime regimen to incorporate bedtime being on the identical time every night time, getting rid of electronics one hour ahead of bedtime, bathe or shower at night time, sleep Eight-10 hours in keeping with night time
  • Stay your kid clear of smoke, together with second-hand smoke
  • Stay a headache diary with day and time of headache, location and form of ache and any meals (chocolate, cheese) or occasions (tension, loss of sleep) that can have brought about the headache

Search clinical remedy:

  • In case your kid’s headache continues to worsen
  • In case your kid develops new signs corresponding to fever, chronic vomiting or stiff neck
  • In case your kid develops numbness, tingling or weak spot in any a part of the body
  • In case your kid does no longer recover as anticipated

Joanne Prinzhorn, CPNP, is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner operating in Pediatric Neurology with Challenge Children’s Medical institution.

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