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Help for Teen With a Discharge ‘Down There’

Q: I’m a youngster with a discharge down there. What must I do?

A: Adolescent ladies incessantly question me about vaginal discharge. Guys is also too embarrassed to invite about a drip.

A vaginal discharge in a youngster lady recurrently effects from 3 issues: a sexually transmitted an infection, a yeast an infection or an overgrowth of ordinary vaginal micro organism. And for some ladies, it can be a marker for a new being pregnant.

A penile drip in a youngster boy way a sexually transmitted an infection till confirmed in a different way. (It’s simple to test. We test the urine; no uretheral swab is wanted.)

Both method, discharge and drips should be looked at along with your physician — ASAP.

Adolescent drugs specialist Ellen Rome, MD, MPH

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