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Ensign: 432 Micromagnets for $19

Play. Sculpt. Create with Those Robust But Tiny Micromagnets!
Expires November 06, 2017 23:59 PST
Purchase now and get 20% off


You might be invited to benefit from the problem of little, itty bitty, teensy weensy Micromagnets! What makes those micros so particular? They require much more center of attention, ability, and willpower than 5mm Neoballs as a result of they’re smaller and harder to exactly position. They’re additionally (come what may) extra pleasing to overwhelm after each masterwork is entire. Sizing in at simply 2.five mm, those valuable little guys are nice for spontaneous crafting and mashing. The quick and in need of it's this: Micromagnets are two times the problem, part the diameter, and a 3rd (!) of the price of Zen Magnets. Each and every set features a magnetic box viewing card that finds the invisible forces at play, or even aides in manipulation.

  • Easiest for sculpting & developing
  • Covered w/ identical authentic & top of the range subject material as Zen Magnets: NiCuNi coating
  • May not pit or put on w/ cheap use
  • Extraordinarily top grade, making for a shockingly robust pull between spheres & different steel items

As all the time, accountable play is suggested for adults and youngsters, although you truly shouldn’t give those to youngsters within the first position. Sharp eyes, blank fingernails and intense center of attention are strongly advisable for magnet crafting with those Micromagnets. Those magnets have a flux index



  • 432 Compliance Micromagnets (2.5mm Neoballs)
  • Magnetic Box Viewing Card Software
  • 92 Web page Building Information

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