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Elysium BASIS Adulterated Toxic Toluene Paint Thinner Testing

Elysium Well being’s Foundation Complement Discovered Infected with Toluene, an Component in Business Paint Thinners

We obtain dozens of emails an afternoon, however within the first week of October 2017 we spotted a novel message about serving to unfold the phrase of an adulterated product so as to give protection to the integrity of the complement trade. As they mentioned and referred to as us one of the most leaders within the nutritional complement house, we felt obligated to seem over the whole thing despatched to us in addition to doing a little unbiased analysis research.

Here is what we discovered the lately on-going “Paint Thinner Solvent Found In Anti-Aging Supplement” state of affairs unfolding:

Elysium Well being produces a well-liked dietary complement referred to as BASIS and has not too long ago been discovered and examined by means of unbiased 3rd events for greater than a hint quantity of toluene contamination, a poisonous commercial solvent present in paint thinners and nail polish.

To make issues worse, Elysium Well being is it appears refusing to divulge the provider of its elements whilst additionally having packaging that makes no point out of the truth that it comprises the highly-undesirable component in toluene. This implies shoppers of the BASIS product are unknowingly mindful they're consuming it which can also be connected to many uncomfortable side effects.

In the meantime, Elysium Well being has no longer but filed a New Nutritional Component Notification with the FDA. The FDA, which regulates the complement trade in The united states, does no longer have the manpower to keep an eye on each complement within the trade, which is why they rely on self-regulation amongst producers.

ChromaDex Has Issued a Citizen’s Petition to the FDA

Fellow dietary complement producer ChromaDex has filed a Citizen’s Petition to the FDA. That petition requests the FDA to research and take suitable remedial motion towards Elysium Well being.

ChromaDex is the one provider of nicotinamide riboside chloride, higher referred to as Niagen, in the US with Normally Identified as Secure (GRAS) standing from the FDA bought underneath a New Nutritional Component Notification.

Prior to now, ChromaDex equipped Elysium Well being with Niagen to be used in its Foundation complement. Elysium Well being, then again, sooner or later switched to a brand new Niagen provider. Quickly once they switched to the brand new provider, information concerning the toluene contamination reached the trade.

In a observation, ChromaDex expressed sadness that Elysium Well being put company greed forward of public well being and protection:

“It is disappointing that Elysium Health’s executives and certain paid scientific advisors apparently put profits before the safety of consumers by endorsing and selling BASIS. This product now contains an ingredient from a new unidentified supplier that does not have a New Dietary Ingredient Notification (NDIN) filing with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and that is not generally recognized as safe (GRAS). When tested, Elysium's BASIS product that now includes an ingredient from an unidentified source, was found to have an elevated presence of toluene, a toxic industrial solvent found in paint thinners and nail polish.”

ChromaDex concluded their observation announcing,

“Putting corporate greed ahead of public health and safety is shameful, and we are confident the FDA will take prompt remedial action to protect the public from potential harm.”

What's Toluene?

Toluene, or toluol, is a drab, water-insoluble liquid. You’ve more than likely by no means heard of it sooner than – however you’ve nearly definitely smelled it. Toluene offers paint thinners and nail polish removers their unique scent.

Along with getting used as a solvent in paint thinner and nail polish remover, toluene could also be utilized in type plane glue or as commercial feedstock.

Clinical research have proven that toluene could cause neurological injury when inhaled – say, when other folks inhale paint or glue vapors (it’s extensively utilized as a leisure substance for exactly this reason why).

In the end, Elysium Well being has no longer but disclosed the Niagen provider that supplied them with the contaminated components. Keep tuned for more info about this toluene contamination tale because it unfolds.

What To Do Subsequent?

We will be able to be masking this tale over the following weeks and months to come back. If somebody want to see ChromaDex's Citizen Petition, Reputable FDA Submitting Observation or the Niagen corporate details paperwork please depart a remark and we can get again to you with this data.

We are hoping the tips is correct above and don't wish to be concerned with anything else deceptive or untruthful. The checks appear to be carried out in right kind model and divulge the findings put forth by means of ChromaDex and corporate.

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