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Don’t Like Obamacare? Do We Have a Plan For You!


Suffering to break away from Obamacare oppression, Idaho is providing low cost well being plans that do so objective by way of keeping off overlaying any person who’s been ill up to now and skimping on protection for any illnesses that may make you ill one day. Those methods are, inconveniently, explicitly banned by way of the Inexpensive Care Act.

Thankfully, I’ve a answer best for Idaho and different GOPers desperate to emulate Idaho’s instance. My plan covers old and young, ill and wholesome, health buff and sofa potato, all for a similar extremely low worth. No person, and no sickness, is excluded.
Welcome to the Placebo HMO, devoted to serving each American who fervently believes you don’t want actual medical health insurance.

We’re a faith-based plan that gives empathetic, honest and personalised recommendation from a wide vary of extremely professional actors pretending to be medical doctors. Whether or not it’s a “seen everything” veteran like Tom Hanks or Meryl Streep in The Put up or a bright-eyed idealist like Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in Los angeles Los angeles Land, we offer exceptional freedom of supplier selection that plans depending on precise medical doctors can not fit.

At Placebo HMO, we’re dedicated to consumerism. Your ideals, no matter they could also be, all the time come first, since we would like you to have a physician you’ll consider. So, for example, you may make a selection our common “Dr. Cooper” style, to be had no longer best in female and male variations (“Bob” or “Betty” Cooper) and a number of ages, but in addition in a selection of religions (Protestant, Catholic or Mormon) and races (black or white). We additionally be offering “Dr. Garcia,” “Dr. Gu,” “Dr. Gandhi” or “Dr. Greenberg.” No longer all choices are to be had in all states; e.g., our Idaho plan, as an example, does no longer come with “Dr. Mohammed.”

You select who to look (or steer clear of). No matter your selection, you want by no means fear that your religion shall be shaken by way of an scary political opinion. Each and every of our “doctors” has been specifically educated to enthusiastically believe no matter President Trump can have mentioned that day.

The way in which our plan works is modest. If you are feeling in poor health, you don’t need to take off paintings or in finding a sitter for the children whilst you trundle all the way down to a crowded ready room full of God-knows-what contagious illness. As an alternative, simply dial our toll-free quantity or FaceTime or Skype us, and you’ll communicate at once in your “family doctor.” In case you consider you want a “specialist,” no drawback! In contrast to actual HMOs, we don’t require a burdensome referral.

Our “doctors” aren’t distracted by way of automated scientific data or calls from the medical institution, so they may be able to center of attention best on you — your signs, your issues, your scientific historical past, your existence. For sufferers who consider their physician must be a true spouse, we provide shared decision-making: running in combination, our “doctor” and you’ll Google your signs.

Maximum of all, our medical doctors really pay attention — not like precise medical doctors, they received’t be interrupting you after 18 seconds to inform you what to do — they usually really care. To display their worry our “doctors” will gladly write you a prescription for a placebo drug. It is going to both be a logo identify (which we’ll inform you ordinarily prices $150 a tablet on account of its tough ingredients) or generic (which we’ll inform you ordinarily prices $1.50 a tablet, however works simply as neatly).
There aren’t any co-pays, no deductibles and no bureaucracy. Very best of all, our plan prices simply two greenbacks a day — precisely the cost of a day by day Powerball lottery price tag. You gotta consider!

Can a placebo actually will let you? In fact it may well. It’s been proven, for example, that placebos can be offering tough ache reduction — placing the Placebo HMO on the forefront of fixing our country’s opioid disaster. No much less an expert than the Harvard Well being Letter concluded that “the placebo effect may be an integral part of good medical care,” which implies that the Placebo HMO may were named the Harvard HMO! (Simply kidding, Harvard.)
In sum, the Placebo HMO supplies the whole thing that Obamacare warring parties were agitating for: Freedom of selection. Affected person-centered consumerism. Appreciate for native personal tastes. Affordability rooted within the power of religion.

And, when you get actually ill, we come up with instructions to the closest medical institution emergency room.

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