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DōMatcha Summer Harvest – Healthy Green Tea Matcha Powder?

DoMatcha Summer season Harvest is is a brand new Matcha tea extract this is harvested in August. August is the time of yr that promotes catechins, which is attributed to a extra astringent style of Matcha tea.

Summer season Harvest through Do Matcha Options

  • Summer season picked matcha leaves
  • Distinctive flavour profile
  • Viable for mixed beverages reminiscent of matcha lattes or smoothies
  • Roughly 75 servings
  • Weighs 2.eight oz

DoMatcha Summer season Harvest Advantages

Inexperienced tea is understood for its wholesome homes, additionally matcha tea isn't any exception. Matcha powder this is ate up frequently is a a lot more healthy selection than tea brewed from leaves after which strained. Including inexperienced tea right into a diet is a straightforward approach to spice up well being and wellbeing.

Combating Illness

Matcha inexperienced tea contains antioxidants, similar to different kinds of teas. Nutritionists say that the quantities of antioxidants in matcha inexperienced tea have a tendency to be upper than that of spinach and blueberries. Antioxidants assist give protection to cells in opposition to loose radicals that may spoil cells and cells and assist toughen the immune gadget.

Catechins are kinds of antioxidants which can be handiest found in teas. Epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCg, is a catechin well-known for its robust cancer-fighting homes and constitutes 60 p.c of the catechins present in matcha inexperienced tea.

Psychological Rest

L-theanine is an amino acid discovered nearly completely within the tea plant camellia sinensis and would possibly purpose alpha waves generally handiest accomplished through meditation.

Along side psychological readability and application, calmness happens on this mind-set, and likewise as an general state of leisure. L-theanine counteracts caffeine's stimulating results, and is helping decrease blood force, make stronger reminiscence, scale back PMS signs and scale back rigidity.

The consequences of L-theanine generally start a part hour after one cup of Matcha tea will also be absorbed and would possibly remaining for 8 to 12 hours.


Tea originates from leaves, that get their colour from a subject matter. Chlorophyll is helping take away heavy metals and toxins from the frame. The use of detoxifying homes, intake of the golf green tea powder comprising the chlorophyll imbues the tea with a detoxifying components.


Matcha tea is stuffed with caffeine,nevertheless it purposes in a different way than different tea manufacturers. Well being professionals provide an explanation for that the caffeine utilized in Matcha tea attaches into the catechins and will also be launched into the blood slowly because the catechins are damaged down.

This gives sustained power as a substitute of quick bursts of intense power, adopted through lows to the drinker. This, along side the L-theanine, supplies a stimulation that's not jarring, not like caffeine.

DōMatcha Summer season Harvest Abstract

DōMatcha Summer season Harvest is Do Matcha’s answer for somebody who wish to revel in a quite astringent-tasting tea because of its summer-picked crop.

The well being advantages of ingesting inexperienced tea and that of matcha are well-documented, particularly when the product is paired with common workout or different varieties of supplementation.

Customers should buy Summer season Harvest from Do Matcha’s web site for $36. This value is also inclusive of the delivery and dealing with prices relying on the place one lives.

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