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Can Stool Tests Really Detect Colon Cancer?

Q: Can stool assessments hit upon colon most cancers?

A: Two forms of house stool assessments are promoted as simple, noninvasive screening equipment for colorectal most cancers. Screening is necessary as a result of signs don’t seem on this most cancers’s early, extra treatable levels.

The older hemoccult test reveals hidden blood within the stool. Its accuracy in detecting most cancers varies however may also be as top as 70 %. Alternatively, the hemoccult test can not hit upon colorectal polyps.

Discovering those polyps is necessary as a result of, whilst best about one in 200 polyps ever turns right into a most cancers, all colorectal cancers come from a precancerous polyp or lesion.

A more recent house test seems at DNA within the stool for proof of colorectal most cancers. It detects about 92 % of the cancers which are provide and in addition reveals roughly 40 % % of precancerous polyps.

Alternatively, if both the stool DNA test or the hemoccult test is certain, you’re going to nonetheless desire a colonoscopy to seek out and take away the precancerous or cancerous lesion.

Colonoscopy stays the gold usual for most cancers screening as a result of — in a single unmarried test — we will be able to hit upon the majority of polyps, take away them and save you most cancers.

That mentioned, if you’ll be able to’t get a excellent colonoscopy or if colonoscopy isn’t coated via insurance coverage, a stool DNA test is an affordable choice.

—Colorectal surgeon James Church, MD

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